The CLEVER Data Hub facilitates discovery, access, integration and evaluation of the data generated within the project to support the impact assessment by the CLEVER Monitor.

metadata portal


Through our metadata portal, you can perform searches for project-related information in the databases of the cities of Hamburg, London and Milan, and filter the results by pre-defined keywords or free text.


Access CLEVER data

CLEVER Cities' monitoring activities aim to gather evidence to inform the design of practical nature-based interventions in the project's partner cities and to enable the evaluation of their effectiveness after implementation.


All the datasets generated are collected and stored locally in the participating cities' local data repositories and tagged using a project-wide set of keywords (currently in English, Italian and German). The CLEVER Cities metadata portal enables live calls to the local data systems and returns the query results. Thereby, the project-related datasets are made accessible to other project partners and to the wider community of interest.

Below, you can access the cities' local data portals and thus the entire databases of the CLEVER Front-Runner cities.