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London gives away food growing kits to inspire greater connection to nature in Thamesmead

5 June 2020

London gives away food growing kits to inspire greater connection to nature in Thamesmead

5 June 2020


To celebrate Growing for Wellbeing week (June 1-7), Making Space for Nature – a green initiative led by CLEVER Cities partners Peabody, Groundwork London and the Mayor of London are giving away free food growing kits to Thamesmead residents. The kits will make it easier and more accessible to grow food at home – providing a rewarding activity during lockdown, inspiring a greater connection to nature, helping to save money and improve wellbeing.

From Monday 1 June, residents can apply for a Making Space for Nature Summer Salad Kit. The small kits include seeds for lettuce, tomatoes, beans and herbs and has been designed so that residents can grow produce no matter how big or small their outdoor space is - whether it’s a windowsill, balcony or garden. The Summer Salad kits will not only help make Thamesmead greener, but also get even more people to experience the joy of home food growing.

Kat Wojnar, Gardener in Residence at Peabody said: "Growing food is not only a great way to learn about the joys of gardening and provide delicious food for your dinner table but it’s also a way to teach children about where their food comes from, boost your mood and reduce stress".

"Our kits are a fantastic start to your journey into gardening – from building your knowledge and skills to making friends with like-minded people. So, get; set and sow."

The initiative is part of London's long term plan to make Thamesmead a greener and healthier place for new and existing residents. Residents can share their growing journey by using and following the #GetSetSow hashtag on social media.

National Growing for Wellbeing week is a national campaign in the UK that celebrates the magic of what growing your own produce can do for people's wellbeing; both physically and mentally. As well as the food growing kits, which will be safely delivered to homes, residents will be supported with a booklet of growing tips and tricks as well as an online community and gardening helpline. 

This article was originally published on ThamesmeadNow.

Image (Peabody) by "Peabody"