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Unveiling Urban Innovations: CLEVER Cities’ Tools for Sustainable Progress

28 November 2023

Unveiling Urban Innovations: CLEVER Cities’ Tools for Sustainable Progress

28 November 2023


As urban landscapes worldwide face mounting challenges, CLEVER Cities steps up with a suite of groundbreaking tools and resources designed to revolutionize sustainable urban development. Through the project's innovative endeavors, cities are equipped with adaptable roadmaps, actionable policy briefs, informative factsheets, engaging podcasts, and insightful videos, fostering a new era of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and resilient city planning.

The Policy Briefs

Hosted on the CLEVER Cities website and Guidance platform, the policy briefs, meticulously crafted for project cities, address crucial urban challenges. They highlight stakeholder engagement, urban greening plans, and the critical role of accurate urban data in successful NbS implementation. Furthermore, these briefs offer adaptable roadmaps to aid in identifying challenges and integrating NbS into local policies, ensuring cities' unique needs are met.

The Factsheets

A treasure trove of insights, the factsheets offer a roadmap for companies and stakeholders aiming to harness the full potential of NbS. They unravel the challenges hindering NbS implementation while showcasing success factors. From engaging businesses in mainstreaming NbS to exploring financing sources, these factsheets serve as comprehensive guides, driving a transformative movement toward a sustainable future.

Multi-lingual Podcasts and Videos

With podcasts delving into urban sustainability initiatives and videos featuring city representatives sharing insights, CLEVER Cities' multimedia offerings are a goldmine of knowledge. These resources showcase real-world examples from diverse cities like Hamburg, Belgrad, Quito, London, Mailand and others highlighting the impact of citizen engagement and NbS in fostering resilience against climate challenges.





Why Dive into CLEVER Cities' Products?

By exploring these resources, readers gain insights into bridging the gap between short-term actions and long-term goals. Discover how NbS integration has unlocked economic opportunities, driven sustainable business practices, and addressed wider societal, economic, and environmental challenges. We hope these resources will help you explore how you might make similar change in your own community. 

Take the leap towards sustainable urban futures and join the movement towards resilient and greener cities.