Milan, Italy

Population: 1.5 Million

Milan is located in the north of Italy, between the River Po to the south and the Alps and the great lakes in the north. It is the administrative and commercial centre of the largest Italian metropolitan area, and the main city of Lombardy, the richest and most populated Italian region.

Vision and Mission

The vision for CLEVER Cities Milan is a city that finds innovative solutions in nature to regenerate, face climate change and build its future together with its citizens.


By implementing innovative and natural interventions in Milan’s neighbourhoods, buildings and infrastructure, the mission is for CLEVER Cities in Milan to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of nature-based solutions, and become the voice for promoting them throughout the city.

Plans for the CLEVER Action Labs

CLEVER Cities Milan is starting by experimenting with green infrastructure and innovative nature-based solutions in the southern part of Milan, and intends to spread them throughout the city. Plans for three CLEVER Action Labs are currently being developed in Milan.

Development of public green areas

A new park for Giambellino 129

By working together with citizens and experimenting with new forms of co-creation, the team is planning to create a new public park within the Giambellino neighbourhood of Milan. Plans are to include nature-based solutions such as a green buffer area near the railway, a water management and monitoring system and user-friendly sensors that encourage use by citizens. The aim is to encourage shared management and use of spaces, by introducing equipment and vegetation that encourage community involvement.

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Green roofs and walls

‘Rinverdiamo Milano’ (Let’s re-green Milan)

The team is using results obtained from the Decumanus project, which has located potential buildings and areas suitable for green roofs in Milan. In partnership with new and existing roof and green wall stakeholders, the aim is to spread the development of green roofs and walls on buildings throughout Milan. A participatory promotional campaign will involve developing an effective mix of tailored actions and tools, awareness-raising sessions, training, exchanges of good practice, co-design, technical support, funding, pilot projects and monitoring that demonstrate the environmental and social benefits of the interventions.

A new green hub for Tibaldi station

CLEVER Cities Milan is planning to re-design the railway station through green and innovative elements, which will make the infrastructure not only responsive to the needs of mobility, but also fully harmonized with its urban environment. The innovative elements will include green walls, natural elements on embankments, noise barriers in the structures and embankments of the station, controlled irrigation, temperature and humidity, and external green spaces such as waiting areas.


Partners in Milan

Latest news from Milan

CLEVER Cities at Milano Green Week

4 November 2019

The second edition of the Milan Green Week, an event promoted by the Municipality of Milan and dedicated to greening the city, was held from 26 to 29 September 2019. CLEVER Cities Milan participated in the Green Week with a series of events including a day dedicated to nature-based solutions in Milan and a day of guided tours to discover the green roofs and walls of Milan.


The event "Nature-based solutions in the city: in courtyards, on roofs and on walls" was held in the Sala delle Colonne, at the Fabbrica del Vapore on September 27th and was an opportunity to discover the work be carried out in Milan in support of nature-based solutions.

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Milan’s architects visit the city’s green roofs and walls

30 July 2019

During this summer’s intense heatwaves, city dwellers have been instinctively escaping the concrete and traffic in favour of cooler rivers and parks. The heat reminds us of our vulnerability in the face of climate change, but instincts remind us of a natural alternative: to bring more nature back into our cities. And potential space for nature does not stop on the ground.


This is the thinking behind the CLEVER Cities Milan campaign, which aims to spread green roofs and walls throughout Milan and beyond. On 14 June 2019 CLEVER Cities partner Ambiente Italia and Roofmatters organised, in collaboration with the Order of Architects of Milan, a public a tour of Milan’s green roofs and walls, aimed at professionals such as architects, engineers and landscape designers.

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Top marks for green cities

22 February 2019

How the CLEVER Cities team can tell whether our nature-based interventions are working


It is common knowledge that living near nature makes you healthier and happier. But is it possible to actually measure this? How can decision-makers make the case for investing in nature-based interventions?


The CLEVER Cities project team is working on coming up with a way to do exactly that through a combination of hard science, citizen science and flexibility. The CLEVER Monitor is designed to be robust enough to provide concrete data on the performance of the nature-based solutions, and is also adaptable enough to account for our learning over time and the differences between cities.

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Co-creation - the CLEVER Cities way

14 February 2019

Between October and December 2018 the three front-runner cities of Hamburg, London and Milan took the first steps towards co-creating their CLEVER Cities Action Labs - the specific areas of these cities targeted for green regeneration within the CLEVER Cities project.


Inclusive urban development
But what does co-creation really mean? For the CLEVER Cities project it’s about opening local urban development to non-governmental organisations, foundations, civil society, research institutions and local citizens and businesses, ensuring all jointly design, implement, monitor and ultimately own the project.

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